The Poetry of Austin Grant

		      I Feel Like Crying

		   It was to be the War Year
		   When first he came to be--
		   But not the one you now hear;
		   Yet for time to set him free.  

		   The unshed tears of Sadness,
		   From a world not understood,
		   Swelled as a wave of madness,
		   To drown him if they could.

		   He said, "I feel like crying!"
		   His mother said, "Then do." 
		   But tears remained in hiding,
		   And Sadness was his school.

		   He loved with no one loving,
		   And dreamed beyond his years;
		   When time allowed the Summing,
		   His eyes set free the tears.

		   And all he learned was in this:
		   That Universe means Soul--
		   And most of ALL, we all miss;
		   Thus sadness is our role.

		   If only it could reach us--
		   The wailing of his years;
		   To understand the Sadness,
		   And free at last our tears. 

			        Austin Grant

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1997 Austin Grant